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∇                                                                                                                     ∇

My practice of the violin is stimulated by the location of boundaries with its melodic aspect, its heritage through ages, its different  influences in terms of styles and modes, as well as its capacity to be constantly renewed, in a very contemporary approach. I explore both the acoustic sound of the violin and the power of the electricity going though its body, the resonances it creates, the vibrations of the strings. I’m interested in textures in sounds, overlaid patterns  with different sound qualities and dynamics. I experiment with the mixing of the instrument itself and a more electronic way of playing with it, especially with the use of electroacoustic composition. My influences are wide from Classical Music to Minimalism, Spiritual Jazz, Noise, Doom, Improvised music, Traditional Music from anywhere, music for films…. the most important part of my practice in music is the bridges it creates between people, between time, the way music can dive into someone’s inner world and  bring all sorts of feelings and revelations whatever it could be, beyond words, the connexion with our past, present and future, the place in the space, the elements, the alchemy between all of that. 

Δ                                                                                                                       Δ


image credits: Mathieu Copeland and Philippe Decrauzat

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